Why is this website no longer free to use?

The beginning

When the journey of creating thebusincostarica.com began back in 2020, the intention from the start was to create a free resource with all the information about public transportation that all travellers willing to explore wonderful Costa Rica would need. In addition, the other very important objective was (and still is) to offer reliable and updated information.

The process

During the first years, I, the creator of this website, had been working alone for countless hours to fulfill the objectives set from the beginning and eventually managed to find the contacts and to develop the system that would make the dream come true. Unfortunately, I also realized that the amount of work to keep everything up and running was too overwhelming for a single person and that the costs of maintaining the website would not be sustainable in the long term without financial support.

After all the realizations, I still had the desire to keep offering this website free for users. Therefore, I attempted to fund this project with external sponsors and donations from users. Unfortunately, this did not work, as not enough people showed their support.

The present

In the end, I felt that I had one last chance to try keeping thebusincostarica.com online to help everyone who would need it. I decided to ask all users of the website to become members by paying a very small contribution. The cost for a single person would be incredibly low, but the aggregation of all contributions would allow me to cover the costs of the website and to hire some local Costa Ricans to lend me a hand with the work. What a win-win situation!

Now you know! Become a member in thebusincostarica.com and contribute to keep making Costa Rica an awesome country to visit!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the great people who contributed with a donation while the website was still free of charge. Thank you: Mary, Tom, Philipp, Michael, Mark, India, Jochen, James, James, Ida, Petrus, Tracey, Leanne, Christoph, Jörg, Nicholas, Tom, Sarah and Kira. Special gratitude also to the two sponsors that believed in this project from the beginning: Gerardo Sol and Cool Vibes hostel.